Take the control of the resin filtration in your slabs with Xilex for Stone machinery. This is he reason why Xilex for Stone drying and resining machines are the solution adopted by companies in the marble and granite sector to increase the number of resin processed slabs by up to 30% compared to the conventional lines. Xilex for Stone machinery optimizes the resin process, reducing costs (fewer breakages, less resin and energy consumption and higher production), which entails savings up to 20% in the production process.

Ares and Kronos by Xilex for Stone combined action enable you to achieve the maximum control of the resin filtration applying the appropriate recipes. The result is the optimal consolidation and hardening of the slabs to avoid breakages and get the desired finishes and tones.


Slab resined with Ares and Kronos ovens

In addition to the improvement of the quality of the natural stone slabs, the productivity of the drying and resining process increases thanks to the “in-line” continuous work and the elimination of waiting times (24h-48h-72h), since with the Ares and Kronos machines the slabs are ready to polish in just a few hours.

Working with Xilex for Stone machinery entails high savings related to the efficient use of resins, energy savings, the elimination of intermediate storage space and the minimization of slabs breakage.

Contact us and we will advise you on how to easily adapt your production line with Xilex for Stone machinery so that you can calculate the savings you can achieve and evaluate the profitability that it will bring to your company.

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