Breakages and cracks are a common issue faced by marble slabs manufacturers. Working with large formats presents unique challenges, notably the risk of breakages during the processing, handling and installation of the slabs.

The technical expertise and process is essential to prevent breakages, which can result in costly replacements and delays. In this article, we’ll explain how Xilex for Stone solutions ensure high quality finish, robust and durable marble slabs.


Avoiding breakages in large format marble slabs: tips and technology

The production process directly impacts the quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal of the final product. Specially, there are three critical steps of the production process that must be hold with the proper technology and technique in order to avoid material breakages:

  1. Drying. The Ares oven, developed by Xilex, swiftly eliminates water both internally and externally from stone slabs in just few minutes. In contrast to conventional ovens, Ares excels in removing moisture by thoroughly drying all fissures and voids, ensuring the material is primed for optimal filtering and resin adhesion in subsequent production stages.
  2. Resin filtration control. Kronos technology performs precise and controlled resin filtration process. Serving as an oven for curing epoxy, polyester, and polyurethane (PUR) resins, Kronos accelerates the activation and consolidation of chemical properties in marbles, granites, and other delicate natural stone varieties such as onyx or alabaster.
  3. Mesh adhesion. This technology also serves for a successful mesh adhesion to reinforce the marble slab structures and remarkably ensure their robustness during the polishing process and the handling and installation of the final product.


Among the optimum technical results, Xilex solutions revolutionize production timelines by eliminating waiting periods of 24-48-72 hours typically associated with resin curing. Instead, natural stone slabs can be polished directly after just 45 minutes. This allows production lines to seamlessly execute reinforcement, finishing, and continuous polishing processes, resulting in a significant 30% increase in productivity and substantial reductions in final product delivery times.

In conclusion, technology is the key ally to produce large format marble slabs and minimize the risk of breakages. Xilex for Stone technology empowers the natural stone slabs manufacturers to achieve stunning results that showcase the timeless beauty of marble in grandiose designs.

Contact us to explore how our resin filtration control can improve your production, enhancing quality and reducing costs.



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