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Recently the BBC informed about the Riverhead Square project delay, which is part of a £21m Greater Grimsby Town Deal, due to stone supply issues. The stone merchant clarified the delays were related to the quality issues of the material.

In the competitive landscape of the natural stone and construction sector, brand reputation is paramount. Any damage to your brand can have devastating consequences, affecting customer trust and ultimately impacting your bottom line.

Avoiding brand damage begins with addressing key areas of concern such as delivery delays due poor to product quality product. This issue can erode customer confidence and tarnish your brand’s image. To mitigate these risks, it’s crucial to prioritize quality throughout the manufacturing process.


Drying and curing process: ensuring optimal quality natural stone slabs

Xilex for Stone solution can help ensure the excellence of your final products. Quality assurance starts with meticulous attention to both the material selection and slabs manufacturing process. At Xilex for Stone we understand the significance of these factors and offer comprehensive solutions to uphold the highest standards of quality.

Our top-tier curing process ensures the integrity of your final product, with total control over resin filtration. Xilex for Stone solution enables you to meet the highest quality standards, mitigating the risk of brand damage based on:

  1. Effective fast drying. Slabs are ready for the next stage in few minutes
  2. Resin filtration control. Our machines provide precise control over the resin filtration process, ensuring a consistent and high-quality finish on every slab.
  3. Defective slabs reparation. Our technology enables the recovery and repair of natural stone slabs that would be discarded if using a conventional natural stone processing machine.


Treatments carried out with Xilex for Stone technology reinforce quality, robustness and durability of the natural stone slabs in order to serve to their purposes independently of the weather conditions and hard use.

Contact us to book a consulting session and learn how we can ensure that your brand maintains its competitive edge in the natural stone and construction sector.


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