Xilex for Stone manufactures drying and resin machines (epoxy, polyester and polyurethane) that improve the treatment by controlling the resin process in natural stone slabs: marble, granite, onyx and quartzite, among others. This technical solution increases the productivity by up to 30% and entails savings of up to 350,000 €/year approximately (in resin lines with a production of 30 slabs/hour).

Companies that update their lines with Xilex for Stone machines, Ares and Kronos, are able to complete the drying and resining process of the slabs in just 1 hour with high quality results. This involves a considerable reduction of the production costs due to the minimization of manufacturing time, elimination of intermediate storage space, reduction of the amount of resin necessary for the treatment, reduction of material breaks due to the optimal filtration and the energy efficiency achievement.

"Xilex for Stone machinery is the only one that controls the resin filtration and complete drying and resin processes 1h, having the natural stone slabs ready to polish in line, which means saving up to 20% in the production costs"

In addition, the technical team of Xilex for Stone offers advice to professionals seeking solutions to modernize and optimize each phase of the production line.

Since 2018, Xilex Stone has been official distributor of COMES in Spain, Portugal and Brazil to provide a rapid response to companies that need transport and storage machinery, as well as calibrators, polishers and heads for them.

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