Fixing marble cracks and holes during the manufacturing process is possible with Xilex for Stone solution. This technology based in resin control enables you to recover and restore the defective slabs that otherwise would be discarded.

Marble slabs often encounter issues such as veins, cracks, and holes, posing significant quality lack and production costs increase. However, with Xilex’s cutting-edge technology, the Kronos by Xilex for Stone resin control system, salvaging and repairing natural stone slabs is highly efficient.


Fix marble cracks with resin filtration control

Traditionally, damaged stone slabs would be deemed unusable and discarded when processed through conventional methods. Kronos revolutionizes this practice by providing a resin control solution that enables seamless repair work on highly damaged slabs, ensuring they can be completely restored and sell for high performance, beauty and durability.

The Kronos curing solution facilitates continuous work, allowing for the swift repair of severely damaged slabs. Natural stone slabs, whether marble or granite, often require meticulous repairs to address imperfections, ensuring structural integrity and preventing future breakage. With Kronos, these repairs are seamlessly integrated into a single processing line, thanks to precise resin filtration control.

Through the careful application of suitable resin recipes tailored to specific needs (such as resin types with curing times of 24, 48, or 72 hours), Kronos consolidates and hardens the resin, effectively securing the mesh with just one application.


Marble slabs inline production and repairing

Unlike conventional methods that entail tedious moving of pieces, interim storage, and prolonged waiting periods, Kronos offers a continuous “inline” workflow. In just one hour, damaged slabs are repaired, resin-coated, and ready for polishing, marking a significant improvement in efficiency and productivity.

Conventional ovens often lack precise control over resin dehydration and filtration, turning out to the need for repeated treatments and escalating production costs. At Xilex for Stone, we specialize in resin filtration control, offering tailored solutions to address drying and resining challenges effectively.

Contact us to discover how our innovative technology can revolutionize your natural stone slab processing. With our solution, you can enhance product quality, reduce costs by up to 20%, and boost productivity by as much as 30%.

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