Resin filtration control is possible with Xilex for Stone. In the world of natural stone slabs manufacturing quality and efficiency are key. As a leading provider of cutting-edge drying and resin solutions, we understand the challenges faced by marble, granite, and onyx slab manufacturers. Our innovative machines and complete lines installations are designed to easily transform your production process, ensuring faster drying, optimal resin filtration control, and a significant boost in productivity.

Here’s why you should consider sending us samples of your material for a test run:

Fast Drying for swift turnaround

Our drying machines boast unparalleled speed, reducing drying times significantly. Time is of the essence in the natural stone industry, and our technology ensures that your slabs are ready for the next stage in few minutes, just a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

Precise resin filtration control

We take resin filtration seriously. Our machines provide precise control over the resin filtration process, ensuring a consistent and high-quality finish on every slab. This not only enhances the robustness and aesthetic appeal of your products but also minimise material waste.

Up to 30% increase in productivity

Our machinery isn’t just about speed – it’s about efficiency. Experience a remarkable up to 30% increase in productivity, allowing you to meet demands without compromising on the quality of your natural stone slabs. Time saved is money earned.

Slabs ready for polishing in just 1 hour

Gone are the days of waiting 24 hours, 48 hours, or even 72 hours for slabs to be ready for polishing. Our machines guarantee that your slabs are polished-ready within just 1 hour. Say goodbye to intermediate storage spaces and welcome a seamless production process.

Cost-Cutting advantages

Efficiency isn’t just about speed; it’s about saving costs. Our machines lead to up to a 20% reduction in overall costs. This includes lower power consumption, minimised resin usage, reduced material waste, and optimal time management. Invest in our technology, and watch your bottom line improve.

Seamless production process

Our inline treatment ensures a seamless production process, eliminating bottlenecks and delays. Experience a streamlined workflow that contributes to the overall success of your manufacturing operations.


In conclusion, the benefits of partnering with us are clear – faster drying, precise resin control, increased productivity, and significant cost savings. But don’t just take our word for it; send us samples of your natural stone material, and let us demonstrate the transformative power of our machinery. Contact us!

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