Recuperación y reparación de tablas de mármol

Marble slabs recovering and reparation is possible with Xilex’s for Stone inline resin technology. Veins, cracks, and holes are common issues that demand effective solutions to ensure this valuable material can be recovered and marketed.

Kronos by Xilex for Stone is a resin control technology that enables the recovery and repair of natural stone slabs that would be discarded if using a conventional natural stone processing machine.


Marble slabs recovering and reparation

Natural stone slabs, including marble and granite, often require a treatment to address imperfections and avoid potential breakage. Xilex for Stone’s Kronos is a game-changer in stone slabs restoration by providing resin filtration control. This innovative technology allows continuous inline manufacturing, streamlining the repair process without the need for multiple stages and long waiting periods.


Resin filtration control: Kronos technology

The quality, durability, and ultimate appearance of the natural stone slabs hinge on the proper drying, optimal filtration, and effective hardening of the resins during the treatment process.

  • Resin Filtration Control: Kronos technology provides precise control over resin filtration, ensuring a flawless and consolidated repair process. This feature allows for a single application, eliminating the need for repeated treatments.
  • Customized recipes: tailored recipes, including resins with different curing times (24h-48h-72h), enable the consolidation and hardening of the resin. The mesh is fixed correctly, optimizing the repair process.
  • Efficiency and speed: with Kronos, slabs are repaired, resin-coated, and ready for polishing within just one hour. This swift turnaround time is a significant improvement compared to conventional methods, reducing production costs and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Cost-Effective and productivity boost: by eliminating the need for multiple treatments and minimizing waiting times, Xilex for Stone’s Kronos can reduce production costs by up to 20% while boosting productivity by up to 30%.


Xilex for Stone is at the forefront of transforming the natural stone slabs production process. Kronos not only ensures the consolidation and hardening of natural stone slabs but does so with remarkable speed and efficiency. Contact us to explore how our resin filtration control can improve your production, enhancing quality and reducing costs.



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