Xilex for Stone drying and resining machinery allow you to control the filtration of the resin to achieve resistant and solid slabs that do not break neither in the calibration nor polishing processes:

  1. Control resin filtration to fill and cover pores and cracks.
  2. Hardening of the resin for the consolidation of the slabs.
  3. Correct adhesion of the mesh.


Companies in the marble and granite sector that have easily adapted their production lines with Ares and Kronos from Xilex for Stone report a significant reduction in breakages compared to their work with the conventional line.

To carry out a good polishing process, it is essential to have previously accomplished an effective resining of the slab, with optimal filtration and a solid reinforcement to achieve also an adequate adhesion of the mesh.

Conventional drying and resining systems cannot control the filtration in the resin process, for this reason breakages are common during the calibration and polishing of the slabs afterwards.


Drying and resining against slabs breakages: Ares and Kronos

The Ares dehydration machine dries the water from the interior and the surface of the slabs in 2 minutes, with no need of preheating and with low power consumption. The Kronos resin machine allows you to control the resin filtration (epoxy, polyester, PUR), achieving penetration into the material to fill and cover pores and cracks.

The consolidation of the slabs achieved by Xilex for Stone Ares and Kronos machinery, in addition to reducing the breakage of the slabs, improves the quality and final finish after the surface polishing, which is perceptible both to the eye and to the touch due to the cracks are effectively covered.

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