Control the resin filtration in your natural stone slabs to avoid defects.

Xilex for Stone drying and resining machines improve the quality, finish and durability of natural stone slabs thanks to an accurate filtration control.

Sometimes, natural stone slabs manufacturers have problems of breakage or finish defects, mainly related to incorrect treatments. These aesthetic defects can also become breaks during the process of cutting the boards, transportation or laying.

The natural stone market is increasingly demanding. The natural Stone slabs producers also have to face the competence of porcelain tiles in terms of quality, finishes and price. For this reason, it is necessary to produce the highest quality natural stone slabs and reducing the losses related to the poor drying and resining processes of the conventional lines.

Xilex for Stone drying and resining machines are the solution to improve the quality of natural stone slabs. Thanks to the control of the resin filtration with the use of special recipes, the improvement of the process is visible after the polishing of the slab. Xilex for Stone resin control solutions facilitate a proper consolidation of the natural stone slabs as well as optimal results after polishing and avoiding breakages.

The stones treated with the Xilex for Stone machinery show a finish of the highest quality, enabling also the possibility of generating different effects while providing in a consistent product that does not lead to breakage.


Resin filtration control: savings on resins, breakage, time and energy

The resin filtration control achieved by Xilex for Stone’s Ares and Kronos machines increases the productivity up to 30% in the drying and resining process, in addition to achieving production cost savings up to 20%.

With our machines the slabs are ready to polish in 1 hour, which means that waiting times 24h-48h-72h and the intermediate storage spaces are eliminated. The efficiency of the Ares and Kronos machines is based on both the reduction in power consumption and the reduction of the amount of chemicals to achieve the desired finish. Therefore, the successful treatment avoids repetitions of treatment and breakage of the final product.

Contact us and we will explain you how to easily adapt your production line with the Xilex for Stone solutions.

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