Kronos is the Xilex machine that allows total control of the filtering and adhesión process to obtain top quality finishes. It is an oven for epoxy, polyester and polyurethane (PUR) resin curing that accelerates the activation and consolidation of chemical properties in marbles, granites and other more delicate types of natural stone such as onyx or alabaster.

Kronos oven differs from conventional machines in that it performs greater filtration and adhesion of resins, and it allows to produce controlled effects on the surface finish (brightness, light and dark tones, etc.) with a production of up to 30 tables at hour.

Also, Kronos by Xilex eliminates waiting times of 24h-48h-72h since natural stone can be polished directly after only 45 minutes. In this way, production lines can perform reinforcement, finishing and continuous polishing, which translates into a 30% increase in productivity and a significant reduction in delivery times of the final product.

Kronos 3500: epoxy, polyester and polyurethane curing oven for natural stone.

Maximum quality and control of the marble and granite finish

Kronos allows filtering control and perfect adhesion to achieve the best slabs quality and avoid breakage in the final material. Also, the good filtering of Kronos in its uniform process improves the performance of the resins and allows to obtain the desired surface effects on the product.

The resin hardening machine, Kronos, can easily adapt to conventional production lines as it fits to the standard size of the transport tables. In this way, companies in the marble, granite and natural stone sector that want to improve the finish of their materials and optimize processes just have to make a simple adaptation of their production lines.

Kronos 3500: epoxy, polyester and polyurethane curing oven for natural stone.

Productivity increase and cost savings with Kronos

Processing with Kronos oven by Xilex allows a fast activation of catalysis of resins, achieving significant savings and a 30% increase in productivity:

  • Eliminates waiting time of 24-48-72h: after hardening, in 45 minutes, polishing can be performed.
  • Increase of production in the number of resin slabs.
  • Reduction of resin consumption up to 20%.
  • Energy savings of up to 40%.
  • Space optimization: reduction of the trays necessary for material processing and elimination of intermediate warehouses before polishing.


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