Natural stone slabs manufacturers typically discard one or two outer layers from each block due to cracks and holes. This avoidable waste represents an important yearly cost for the companies which can be solved easily with resin filtration control.

This is a common problem for both the manufacturers of their own slabs and those companies that process blocks to provide natural stone slabs (marble, granite, onyx …) to brands and distributors.

These first layers are usually discarded because they break either during the polishing phase or during their handling for storage or transfer between treatment phases. The breakage is caused due they do not withstand the pressures exerted on them.


Resin filtration control to make the most of the external block layers

Xilex for Stone drying and resining machines enable the commercial use of the outer layers of the natural stone blocks. In the following photos you can see the results obtained in the test we carried out on the craked first layer of a brown marble block.


Photos 1-2-3: The slab is resined and prepared to be processed by the Kronos curing mechine.




Xilex for Stone’s Kronos technology facilitates the control of the resin filtration to cover all pores, crevices and faults. The effective hardening of the resin consolidates the slab, so after the resin process it bears the pressure of polishing as well as the pression during the transfer by air for storage.


Photo 4: In the transfer crane you can see how the resin has filtered and consolidated.


Photo 5: The slab successfully bears the transfer without breaking.


Photo 6 and 7: The slab resisted the pression during the polishing process and iit shows good quality finish for the market.



The company in which we carried out the test verified that with Xilex for Stone technology it is possible to make the most of the entire block. Resin control filtration is the key to process the external layers in order to obtain profit from all the block and avoid losses related to material waste.

Contact us to receive detailed information about Xilex for Stone’s drying and resining machinery. Our resin filtration control specialists will advise you.

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