Kronos, the Xilex for Stone’s resin drying oven, allows repaiting highly damaged slabs with great success in continuous work.

Natural stone slabs (marble, granite) sometimes have veins, cracks or holes that require repairs to keep the piece solidly together and prevent breakage.

The Xilex for Stone Kronos curing oven enables to carry out the process in line with a single processing thanks to the control of the resin filtration. The treatment of the slab with a suitable recipe (resins type 24h-48h-72h) make possible the consolidation and hardening of the resin, and fixing the mesh correctly with a single application.



Thus, with Kronos continuous “inline” work, the slabs are repaired, resin-coated and ready to polish in just 1 hour, unlike conventional lines that require moving the pieces, intermediate warehouses and waiting times 24-48 hours. 72h.
Conventional ovens do not offer the option of controlling the dehydration nor filtration of the resin with precision. Due to this functionality lack sometimes necessary to repeat the treatment until the slab is fully consolidated, which multiplies the production costs.

In Xilex for Stone we are specialists in resin filtration control, contact us and we will advise you on how to solve the drying and resining problems. With our solution you’ll be able to improve the quality of your natural stone slabs, reducing costs by up to 20% and increasing the productivity of this process up to 30%.

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