Ares oven by Xilex dries water instantly both inside and on the surface of the stone slabs. This oven is intended for drying process on natural stone (marble and granite), artificial stone (quartz and cristobalite) and porcelain tile.

Unlike conventional kilns, Ares effectively removes moisture by drying all cracks and holes so that the material is prepared for optimal filtering and resin adhesion in the next step on the production line.

In addition, Ares is an instant oven since it performs an effective drying in just 2-3 minutes, a very short time in comparing to the drying of 30-60 minutes that conventional ovens require. The instant drying allows a quick manipulation of the slabs so the productivity increases up to 20% depending on the process.

Ares is installed without the typical foundations of conventional systems, does not require the additional use of metal trays and does not require high maintenance costs, so the purchase and installation of the Ares oven by Xilex is 40% cheaper than the acquisition of a conventional system.

Horno de secado para marmol y granito - Drying oven for marble and granite.Great energy savings in drying of marble and granite

The great profitability of Ares is related, in addition to optimizing time, with a significant decrease in power consumption. Ares efficiency represents a 15% saving in energy expenditure compared to conventional drying systems. This decrease in energy consumption is mainly due to three factors:

  • Instant start with 100% efficiency. This is a great added value compared to conventional systems, which require one hour of preheating.
  • Adaptation of power to the material. Ares automatically adapts to the material’s drying needs, adjusting the power required for each piece. Conventional lines, on the other hand, perform linear power consumption.
  • Power on when detection of slabs. Ares only lights up when it detects the presence of slabs, unlike conventional lines that remain on whether there are slabs or not.

Horno de secado para marmol y granito. Drying oven for marble and graniteQuick and easy adaptation of the Ares oven to the production line

Ares oven is easily installed on the production line and adapts to any transport system without additional investment thanks to its practical size (2500mm x 2500mm), compared to a conventional accumulator (7000x2500x6000mm).

It is also important to note that Ares allows slabs to be dried directly from the block cutter or multiwire since the machine can be installed on the existing transport line without the need for any works or foundations, furthermore, its installation does not even require stopping production.

For all these reasons, the Ares oven by Xilex is a technology for all companies that work with marble and granite and seek a definitive solution to moisture problems to improve processes, increase production and offer a higher quality product to their customers.

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