Kronos by Xilex for Stone allows you to control the resin filtration (epoxy, polyester, PUR) to achieve an effective hardening of the slabs and the mesh adhesion. The improvement of the resining process with our machinery reduces the breakage of the slabs, which entails a recovery of up to 12% of the material that when treated with conventional ovens is useless due to poor finishes and slabs breaks. Hence, Kronos is the easy-to-install solution that leading manufacturers of marble and granite slabs have incorporated into their production lines.

Natural stone slabs production managers know that the resin filtration and mesh adhesion process is critical. Production lines that work with conventional machinery usually face filtration and adhesion problems, which restrict the materials they can work with and cause serious slabs breakages during calibration and polishing work, or fractures in the final product.

In the marble and granite sector it is known that poor filtration and adhesion entails breaks while processing the material in the following phases and the problematic detachment of the reinforcing mesh. This common issue represents high costs (estimation of 350.000 euros/year losses in companies with resining lines of 30 slabs/hour), since the on-site breakages are enlarged with the material returns which present defects in its destination. This economic loss is higher taking into account it is associated as well to the brand damage of the company.

Kronos: the solution for filtration and adhesion control in natural stone slabs

Kronos is a small and easy-to-install machine with which it is possible to control the resin filtration and mesh adhesion process of the natural stone slabs.

With Kronos, filtration is controlled through the programming of different recipes so that the resins filter and penetrate as desired into pores and cracks, for the adequate consolidation of the slabs. The filtration control leads to significant savings in resins which in some cases can reach up to 15-20%.

In addition to the hardening of the resin and the adhesion of the mesh, Kronos makes it easy to obtain the different finishes and surface effects once the polishing work is done.

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