The CoreDry project by Xilex, which has involved the innovative development of polymer pellet drying technologies, has received funding granted by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), supported by the European Union’s ERDF funds.


1. Public Funding for Technological Innovation

The support from CDTI and the FEDER funds has been crucial for the successful completion of the CoreDry project. The project had a budget of 235,751 euros and received co-financing of 200,388.35 euros. This loan funding has enabled the research and development of an innovative drying technology that we believe will set the standard in the plastics processing industry.


2. Key Results of the CoreDry Project

The developed project allows us to offer the plastics injection and related industries pellet drying equipment that will improve process parameters:

  • Sufficient and adequate drying of pellets
  • Consistent residual moisture level
  • Prevents product rejects
  • Ensures repeatability of operating parameters
  • Reduces material handling and transportation
  • Allows drying both at the surface and internally of the material
  • Reduces drying time from hours to minutes
  • Enables “just in time” operation
  • Possibility to manufacture individual or centralized dehumidification equipment according to company needs.
  • Easy to implement in new installations or operational factories.


Some of the highlighted results include:

  1. Improved energy efficiency. CoreDry prototypes have demonstrated exceptional energy efficiency compared to conventional drying systems, resulting in significant energy savings.
  2. Quality improvement. CoreDry technology has elevated the drying process quality by reducing non-conformities in technical materials and fiber additives by 20%.
  3. Process optimization. CoreDry prototypes have allowed the optimization of process parameters, leading to a 20% increase in utilization capacity.
  4. Compliance with international regulations. Our CoreDry prototypes rigorously comply with international regulations and safety standards, ensuring their viability in global markets.
  5. Reduction of carbon footprint. CoreDry has achieved a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to existing equivalent equipment.


3. Commitment to Innovation

Xilex stands out for its commitment to innovation and the development of sustainable technologies that have a positive impact on both the industry and the environment. The success of the CoreDry project, in which the support of CDTI and FEDER funds has been key, confirms Xilex’s technological excellence and its ability to develop cutting-edge solutions to address production challenges.

Contact us to learn about the details of the CoreDry project and how our technology can help improve the performance of your production line.




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